Full form of RCC in Civil Engineering

What is the Full Form of RCC?

RCC: Reinforced Cement Concrete


R = Reinforced

C= Cement

C= Concrete

Reinforced Cement Concrete is the full form of  “RCC” where, “R” stands for “Reinforced“, “C” stands for “Cement” and the last “C” stands for “Concrete“.

Concrete is good at resisting compression but is very weak at resisting tension. Hence wherever tensile stress is expected, reinforcement is provided in the concrete.

Properties of RCC/Requirement of Good R.C.C.

  1. It must be able to resist the expected tensile, compressive, bending, and shear forces.
  2. It should not show excessive deflection and should not impair the serviceability requirements.
  3. There should be a proper cover for reinforcement so as to prevent corrosion.
  4. The developed hair cracks should be within the permissible limits.
  5. It should be a good fire-resistant material.
  6. When it is fresh, it can be molded into any desired shape and size.
  7. It must be durable.

Uses of RCC

  1. RCC is used as a structural element in a building such as footing, columns, beams, stairs, slabs, etc.
  2. RCC is also used for the construction of water tanks, dams, bridges, retaining walls, roads, etc.
  3. It is also used for pre-casting such as railway sleepers, electric poles, etc.

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