Green Building – Energy Efficient Buildings

Green Building – Energy Efficient Buildings

The construction of buildings accounts for a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission.

A Green building refers to a building constructed with methods and techniques that are environmentally friendly and highly efficient in resource utilization throughout the building life-cycle.

If we implement the concept of green building it can help in reducing the emission of carbon by 35%, usage of water by 40%, usage of energy by 50% and solid waste by 70%. These buildings are also known as sustainable or high-performance buildings.

This concept focuses to balance environmental responsibility, resource efficiency,, comfort and well being of occupants. It follows the principle of 4R’s i.e., Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and renewable.


green building

Introduction – Concept of Sustainable Development

The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is called sustainable development. Environment, Society and Economy are the three most important indicators of Sustainability.


The process of making sure that the existing methods of human interaction with the environment are as pure as natural as possible is one of the major indicators of environmental sustainability. Also, economic development should be done with minimal environmental degradation. Social sustainability ensures that our future generations should have equal or greater access to the resources as the current generations.


The concept of the green building generally focuses on saving water, energy and material resources in the construction and the lifetime usage of the building so that it can reduce the adverse impact on the environment and the occupants living in it.

The implementation of this concept can result in the reduction of carbon emission by 35%, usage of water by 40%, usage of energy by 50% and solid waste by 70%.

These are some of the benefits of Green Buildings which are as follows:

    1. Reduction in energy consumption.
    2. Limited waste generation.
    3. Reduction in water consumption.
    4. Reduction in the destruction of natural resources.
    5. Increase occupant comfort and productivity.
    6. Enhancement in corporate image.


Green Building
Fig. Green Building

Benefits of Green Building Construction :

This concept helps in the conservation of the natural environment at the building location or even preserves the environment at places far away from the building. It also improves the internal environment for the occupants.


1. It conserves the natural environment at the building location:


During the planning stage of the building, the site should be so selected that it must not affect the local vegetation, wildlife, natural water resources, etc. present there. Generally in this concept, the sites having natural biodiversity should be either avoided.


2. Land :

The landscaping in this concept of sustainable development is done in such a way that it ensures more shaded areas and the trespassing of lights can be eliminated and local species of plants can be grown there.


3. Water :

This concept shall not disrupt natural water flow and focuses on harvesting the rainwater from the catchments to either replenish the groundwater table or can be utilized for the service of the building. In this concept the toilet shall be fixed with low flush fixtures and the plumbing should have separate lines for drinking and flushing.


4. Waste :

This concept also seeks to reduce the waste of energy, water, and materials used during the construction process. Also by converting human waste to bio-gas and natural fertilizer can be produced.


5. Energy :

In this concept, the solar energy from the top of green building is harvested and supplement conventional energy. Solar water heaters can be used to heat water which also reduces the energy load. To minimize electricity using natural light is harvested by effective window placement. Efficient windows and wall, ceiling and floor insulation ensure better temperature control in the building.


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