Classification of Construction Equipment

Ripper a type of heavy construction equipment

Classification of Construction Equipment

The construction equipment is classified as follows:

  1. Intermittent type
  2. Continuous flow type
  3. Mixed type

Intermittent type Construction Equipment:

These types of construction equipment have intermittent cycles of work. They are operated on a series of work cycles and each cycle completes in itself. Examples of the intermittent type of equipment are Power shovels, draglines, scrapers, bulldozers, concrete mixers, etc.

Continuous type Construction Equipment:

This type of construction equipment has a continuous flow of work turned out. Examples of continuous flow type equipment are belt conveyors, pipelines, air compressors, etc.

Mixed type Construction Equipment:

This type of construction equipment has characteristics of both intermittent as well as continuous type equipment. They are continuously operated over a defined surface area and after the completion of a particular task the equipment needs to be readjusted to another area to resume production.

Examples of mixed-type construction equipment are motor graders, bulldozers, scrapers, etc.


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